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Immigration and Compliance 2 Catherine O'Neill the government needs to understand that there are costs to companies to bring in employees from another country so it is not a preferred approach i.e. companies incur work permit costs, relocation costs, tax prep costs, plus demobilization cost at the end of the assignment – companies would prefer to access the Canadian market first before bringing someone from abroad from a cost management perspective. So for the immigration services to impose these audits and penalties seems a bit harsh. Reputable companies would not knowingly want to jeopardize their reputation.
by I. Prasad
November 23, 2015
Strategic Mobility 1 Catherine O'Neill The CERC conference in Montreal featured excellent discussions on this topic.   Read an interview in Perspectives magazine about the growing importance of mobility to business growth
by S. Cryne
November 11, 2015
Program & Policy Management 1 Catherine O'Neill The CERC Employee Relocation Policy Survey is an excellent resource tool to assist with your policy development. Watch for the CERC policy library which will be available to CERC corporate members  in the coming weeks.
by S. Cryne
November 11, 2015
Employee Expectations 1 Catherine O'Neill One issue not discussed during the Roundtable was the varying expectations among demographic groups. An article I wrote for the Canadian HR Reporter earlier this year highlights some of those differences.
by S. Cryne
November 11, 2015

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