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CERC Conference 2012 Presentations and Whitepapers
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Tackling the Talent Crisis – What Every Organization Needs to Know
David Goldsmith, MetaMatrix Consulting Group

No Presentation Available

Strategic Alignment of Talent Mobility with Business Objectives
Terri Spadorcia, Deloitte; Adele Yeargan, Research In Motion

The global mobility of human capital will become increasingly important over the next several years as the war for talent heats up again and organizations become more transnational. In a recent survey by Deloitte, HR leaders and senior business executives agree that now, more than ever, global mobility needs to become integrated into core HR processes and act as a strategic partner to the business. Drawing on extensive research and using practical case applications this presentation will outline the measures needed to align your organization's talent mobility strategy with its business strategies.

Demystifying Candidate Assessments: Selection and Development
Charisse Kosova, IOR Global Services

White Paper - Demystifying Candidate Selection and Development

When assessing an employee's ability to conduct business effectively across cultures, managers often make the assumption that what is successful in one location will automatically transfer to another. A more integrated approach that encompasses further aspects of a candidate's global mobility will help predict success. Using leading candidate assessment tools, and a practical case study, this presentation will ensure you are making the most informed decision in selecting and deploying your global workforce.

New Directions in Canada's Economic Immigration System

Alan Diner, Baker & McKenzie; David Manicom, Citizenship and Immigration Canada; Catherine Sas, Miller Thompson; Steve West,Service Canada

Alan Diner Presentation

David Manicom Presentation

The federal government has introduced legislation that will bring about changes to Canada's economic immigration system indicating a significant shift in its direction and focus. Learn how these changes will impact employers and the things you need to know in order to take full advantage of the new direction. This session will also take a closer look at regulations governing temporary foreign workers and new services being implemented by the federal government.

Organization Culture by Design not Default
Greg Honey and Peter Mayne, Farm Credit Canada

White paper - Organizational Culture by Design nor Default - Background on the FCCCulture

Over the years Farm Credit Canada has created an employee experience that is "deliberately different” from other companies. How did FCC become an employer of choice, with a unique employee value proposition, that attracts and retains top talent? In this interactive session learn how to:

• Attract the best talent to your organization in a very competitive labour market
• Reduce the adjustment period that employees encounter when transferring
• Remove perceived barriers to employees accepting a transfer
• Minimize the possibility of high-potential employees leaving the organization after being transferred

Global Housing Trends
Gregory Klump, Canadian Real Estate Association; Phil Soper, Brookfield Real Estate Services; Julian Yates, SIRVA Relocation

White Paper Global Housing Trends - Julian Yates

Real estate markets across North America are undergoing significant change. Although several markets in the U.S. remain depressed, expectations point to an upswing while Canadian markets appear to be on a solid footing. What can we expect for the future, and how do North American markets compare with the emerging powerhouse economies of China and Brazil? Our industry experts will explore changing directions in the real estate market and the fundamental shifts that are shaping the industry. Learn more about the new mindset away from protectionism towards transparency, and how new tools such as the MLS® Home Price Index will assist your transferees.

The Challenges of Remote Locations
Rensia Melles, Shepell.fgi

White Paper - Managing Employees in Remote Locations

In today's world, technology has enabled people to work from anywhere. But in some sectors of the economy many of those jobs are in Canada's wilderness. How do organizations attract and retain talent needed to take advantage of business opportunities in these remote and sometimes difficult locations? This session will profile successful strategies that motivate employees to accept remote location assignments, while ensuring talent retention and providing opportunities for employee growth and development.

The Role of Human Resources in Immigration Compliance Reviews - Preparation and Protection
Howard Greenberg and Naumaan Hameed, Greenberg Turner; Steve West, Service Canada


This workshop provides a detailed understanding of corporate immigration compliance responsibilities with particular emphasis on the role of human resources. There are three phases to effective compliance - preparation of qualifying applications, understanding the responsibilities arising from immigration documentation and ongoing monitoring. Each phase shall be discussed with useful checklists and valuable discussion of the use of an A-LMO Verification Form and the contents of a Foreign Worker Verification Form. Registrants will develop an understanding and confidence in meeting the obligations of the Employer attestations required in the Foreign Worker

Corporate Roundtable
Annette Kohlert, Farm Credit Canada; Adele Yeargan, Research In Motion

Join the discussions with your corporate peers and colleagues in an interactive session that will tackle some of your tough relocation challenges. Always the highlight of the conference, this is an excellent opportunity to share your management experience and learn new implementation strategies.

Service Provider Roundtable Communication: Making an Impact

John Young, Consumer Behavioral Specialist, JCY & Associates

The war for talent, staff, and budget constraints, these are just some of the complex issues keeping your prospects awake at night. If your sales message is not consistent with what is important to your prospects, then you will lose out. Attend this lively session and tune up your sales message.

• Does your CORE MESSAGE resonate?
• Is it timely?
• What's the fundamental IDEA you are selling?
• If you only had 30 seconds to make an impression what would you say that would differentiate you from your competitors

Employee Privacy in the Electronic Age

Tricia Kuhl, Blake, Cassels & Graydon

White paper - Employee Privacy in the Electronic Age

Today, technology connects a younger mobile workforce that employs

social networking to share personal information and build networks.

Organizations use social networking tools to identify the key talent for an

international assignment. It is critical that employers maintain the privacy of

data about assignees, and understand what data can be transferred and to

whom. Attend this session and learn more about:

• How technology has created an increased need to maintain privacy of

personal data

• What personal information can be shared with partners and providers

• Maintaining separation between data gathered through business

operations and social networking

Tech Tools for Managing Talent Mobility

Natalie Campbell, Brookfield Global Relocation Services

White Paper - Technology Tools in the Relocation Industry

Technology has fundamentally changed the way organizations manage

assignments and engage with transferees. Technology and social media

enable assignees to stay connected with family back home, take home

finding tours on YouTube, and track their location for tax purposes with

GPS. In this interactive session learn more about the tools available to

enhance compliance, and how to mitigate the risks associated with the

expanding use of technology.

The Holy Grail: From Budgeting to Return on Investment

Sarah DeHayes, Crown Relocations; Stewart McCardle, Weichert Relocation Resources;

Tim Verbic, Brookfield Relocation Resources

Budgeting and tracking of expenses and compensation for assignments

are more complicated than ever. Companies are looking for greater budget

accuracy in order to evaluate potential ROI during the assignment planning

stage. Meanwhile, the risks associated with compensation reporting and

compliance are increasing.

In this session our panel will explore best practices for budgeting and

tracking assignment costs including:

• How companies are using these tools to manage talent more effectively

• How actual costs are incurred and tracked against the original budget

• Compensation accumulation strategies to ensure data compliance and reduce risks

Pension and Social Security Coverage in a Globally Mobile World

Georgina Tollstam, KPMG; Mario Paquet, Canada Pension Plan

White paper - Pensions and Social Security on a Globally Mobile World

Companies are struggling to attract and retain the best talent, while assignees are increasingly concerned about their social security and pension coverage. This session will explore the social security

requirements, income tax, and related aspects of pensions to help you manage and respond to employee concerns in the context of global

mobility. Learn more about:

• CPP coverage for employees on international assignments

• The importance of Totalization agreements

• The impact of foreign assignments on pension coverage and why it

matters to your relocation policy

Talent Mobility in Emerging Markets

Raul Papaleo, Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce; Olga Sass-Latour, Bombardier Transportation Canada

Brazil and China are quickly becoming the new economic powerhouses of the world. The increase in trade between Canada and these countries is critical to stronger relations and mobility of employees. In this session we take a closer look at how employee mobility is fueling trade relations.

• How are growing economies impacting the movement of talent between

Canada and these regions?

• What are the biggest challenges when moving employees between these regions?

• What companies need to know when deploying talent to China and Brazil?

Deploying Talent on Short Term Assignments

Jennifer Connell, Weichert Relocation Resources; Desiree Fulton, Scotia Bank; Tim McCarney, Weichert Relocation Resources

White Paper - Deploying Talent On Short Term and Alternative Assignments - Jennifer Connell

Short Term Assignments (STAs) provide a flexible way to respond to critical

business challenges, and are rapidly growing in popularity. Attend this

session and gain a deeper understanding of:

• Latest trends in rotational and short term assignment policy coverage

• Business and HR drivers behind the increase in STAs

• Designing policy for accompanied/unaccompanied assignments

• Unique housing challenges and how to overcome them

Power Tools for Leaders: Practical Strategies and Tactics to Build an Age-Neutral Workplace

Merge Gupta Sunderji, Leadership & Workplace Communication Expert

No Presentation

New research suggests that regardless of age, we all want the same things in the workplace: respect, trustworthy leaders, and opportunities to grow. An "age-neutral” workplace supports real communication and understanding across all ages, and builds on the unique values and strengths of each generation.

Join the discussion and learn more about:

• The power of a cohesive and inclusive workforce in areas such as: recruiting, team building, managing, increasing productivity and embracing change

• How smart employers focus on the needs of each generation and offer flexible policies and benefits that attract and retain them

• Best practices from some of Canada's top companies who have mastered "age-neutral” workplaces

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