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Hiring Via the Global Talent Stream?

March 12, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Here’s What We’ve Learned Relocating 500-Plus Tech Professionals

Tech companies are hiring left, right, and centre; and if my predictions are right, it’s a trend that will continue in 2020. As US tech firms, from startups to FAANG giants, set up shop up here, local talent will be scooped up fast. 

The Global Talent Stream helps Canadian companies find the talent they need from overseas. If you want to find the best people, your company has to go swimming in the biggest pool.

There are ways to ensure your hire is a success over the long term, which we present to all of the tech companies we work with. So, here’s a little professional advice about how to ensure your investment in a new employee pays off for both sides.

But, before we get into all of these tips, here’s literally the first thing we send to our partners: the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) professional development program website. This has a ton of resources, including brochures and web-based instructors, to help your team.

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