2015 Conference Program
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 CERC 2015: Reframing Modern Mobililty

Sunday, September 27

9:00 - 12:00

Relocation 101 (No Presentation Available) 

Optional pre-conference workshop. A separate fee applies.
New to relocation? Get the tools you need to successfully manage workforce

Relocation 101 is an interactive workshop which provides an excellent

introduction to the field of corporate relocation management. During this fast-paced
session you’ll gain practical strategies and solutions to manage a relocation program.
The workshop will include a review of the essential components of an effective
relocation policy. You’ll learn how to customize a relocation policy that meets the needs of your organization and transferees. Then, work through actual case studies to
reinforce your knowledge of the concepts presented during the workshop.

Monday, September 28
8:00 – 9:30 Keynote Address
ChangeFit™ for the Future (No Presentation Available)

Dr.Janet Lapp

How do we navigate the turbulent but exciting waters of cost reduction and changing expectations, with increasing demands but less and less time? This refreshing, humorous, serious, thought-provoking, appropriately 'intense', program will help you to get ChangeFit™ so that you'll be able to navigate these waters and be ready for future challenges that come your way. Leave with the confidence and vision you will need as an integral part of corporate global decision making, and the tools to not only stay afloat, but to win the race. 
10:30 – 12:00
Mobility as a Strategic Business Partner (Leader's Panel No Presentation Available)
Leslie D. Fiorentino Ernst & Young; Magali Depras, CSA Group; Daniel Zinner, Bombardier  
Both the complexity of mobility and the challenges of delivering against strategic objectives have intensified in recent years. Can your business meet these demands with the operating models, resources, policies and processes you have in place today? Join our experts, in a series of or presentations, fashioned on the popular ‘TED Talk’ format,  as they explore how mobility, as we know it, is undergoing a major transformation, and how you can leverage that transformation to become a strategic business partner in your own organization or to those of your clients.
2:00 – 3:30

Managing the Complexities of Canada's Immigration System

Julie Lessard, BCF, David Manicom, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Colin Spencer James, Employment and Social Development Canada

In this interactive session our panel will provide an in-depth review of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and Express Entry system, Employer Compliance Reviews (ECR) and worksite inspections including; an overview of issues that may trigger an ECR and site inspection; an examination of the audit process and; the potential consequences of non-compliance and possible remedies.  Participants will leave with a complete understanding of the programs, ECRs, site inspections and current adjudication trends, along with concrete tools to ensure risks are minimized and compliance goals are met.
Employee Relocation: Productivity Impacts

Ed Marshall, Impact Group; Mary Beth Nitz, Altair Global

Using the findings of a recent survey of transferees, this highly interactive session will focus on the effects that relocation supports, such as family transition assistance and assimilation, have on an employee’s productivity.


  • how to boost the productivity of your employees on assignment
  • The costs of lost employee productivity due to relocation related challenges
  • The specific aspects of a relocation that have the most impact on an employee’s productivity  Practical tools for reducing employee stress and improving productivity
Mitigating the Risks of Permanent Establishment and Increased Compliance
Caroline Phan, Bombardier; Georgina Tollstam, KPMG Global Mobility Services &  Suzanne de Lint, KPMG Law LLP
Mobility professionals are grappling with increased compliance obligations on a global scale, inspections and audits are on the rise. Drawing on extensive case studies this session will provide practical solutions to mitigate compliance risks and explore:
  • How governments are sharing tax and immigration information through technology
  • The risks of permanent establishment and increased compliance issues
  • The impact on corporate mobility programs
  • The increasing frequency of immigration audits globally
 3:45 – 5:00
Globalizing Domestic Relocation Policy

Russ Haynie, Russ Haynie Consulting Services; Emma White, Cummins

A harmonized global approach to domestic relocation benefits is a priority for many multinational organizations. Learn how Cummins developed and implemented a global domestic policy for benefits in Canada and 14 other countries. Along with: 

  • The cultural and structural business cues that indicate a harmonized global domestic approach is a good strategy
  • How to implement a global domestic relocation policy while balancing cultural, compliance and budget goals
  • The pros and cons of various global domestic relocation policy strategies
Designing Global Payroll and Benefit Programs

Fatima Laher & Maria Tsatas, Deloitte; Randolph Hahn, Guberman Garson Segal 

The risks of non-compliance with international tax and immigration laws can have significant consequences for organizations and their international assignees. Those laws are becoming more complex and strictly enforced, creating new demands on mobility professionals in the design of payroll and benefit programs. Discussions will cover:  

  • Understanding global trends in payroll and benefits for expatriates and short term assignees
  • How Companies are dealing with the changing compliance landscape
  • The “Payroll Gap” Analysis
  • Technology embedded into assignment and business traveller programs
Canadian and U.S. Real Estate Market Review 

Pandra Richie, Long & Foster Corporate Real Estate Services; Phil Soper, Royal LePage Real Estate 

The Canadian and U.S. residential real estate landscapes are vastly different, and currently very susceptible to varying economic influences. This session will explore the underlying economic, social and political drivers of markets in each country,including:

  • The major regional differences in the Canadian real estate markets
  • The changing dynamics in the U.S. real estate markets
  • A market outlook for 2015 / 2016 for both countries
  • Development of relocation policies which include home sale programs
  • Strategies to manage the market impacts on home sale programs
Tuesday September 29
8:30 – 10:30 
Corporate Roundtable (No Presentation Available)
Join the discussions with your corporate peers and colleagues in an interactive session that will tackle some of your tough relocation challenges.  Always the highlight of the conference, this is an excellent opportunity to share your relocation management experience and learn new implementation strategies.

Four Conversations For Success (No Presentation Available)

Stuart Knight

Anyone can talk business.  When was the last time you talked life? Do your clients look forward to seeing you? What do you know about your customers that your competition doesn’t?  Why do people work harder for some managers than they do others? Do you see them?  They're everywhere.  That's right, they are called people and the more they like you, the more successful you will be in business.  How do people feel after they speak to you?  Stuart Knight has spoken to over one million people and has mastered the art of building human relationships that will get you the contract, the extra piece of business and the referral you have always wanted...one powerful conversation at a time. 
10:45 -12:00
Bridging the Financial Planning Gap in Cross Border Mobility

Matt C. Altro, MCA Cross Border Advisors; Geoff Hartley, RBC Dominion Securities; Alain Forget, RBC Bank USA; Duncan MacCallum, RBC Royal Bank

The banking and financial planning challenges of cross border assignments can be significant for organizations and their assignees. Join our panel of financial experts as they share case studies and best practices in areas of tax and estate considerations; investment; education and insurance coverages that will improve the employee’s experience. Learn more about the challenges that organizations encounter with mortgage financing and banking relationships, and the differences between Canada and the U.S. in banking and financial items. 

Managing Employment Law Risks with a Globalized Workforce

Lisa Goodfellow & Stephen Torscher, Miller Thompson 

Ending the employment relationship during an assignment may expose the employer to significant liability if not managed properly. This session will explore employment law, privacy, and human rights considerations in all phases of the assignment. Participants will gain an understanding of how courts have resolved conflicts of laws and learn:

  • How to identify and minimize risks by determining an appropriate assignment structure
  • How to manage changes to the terms of employment during the assignment

A Tale of 3 Cities

Lauri Martel and Sue Hagan, Dwellworks, LLC; Ann Stafford, Brookfield Global Relocation Services 

This session will address the challenges of balancing your company’s business needs with the needs of assignees when moving them to Mexico City, Berlin, and Shanghai. We’ll explore city specific housing options and costs, compliance, local education systems and potential security risk and/or personal challenges in these locations and discuss:
  • How to increase assignee satisfaction and the success of the assignment
  • Best practices for overcoming challenges when moving employees to these destinations
  • Tips for navigating local government and education systems in each of these locations
2:00 – 2:45
Building a Culture of Accountability

Claire Hart, Nexen CNOOC

Nexen CNOOC built a culture of accountability using Culture Track Training based on the New York Times bestseller, Change the Culture, Change the Game. These same techniques can be applied in global mobility with service providers and employees alike to improve performance and mobility outcomes. Learn how CNOOC successfully implemented a culture of accountability in this enlightening presentation.
  • The steps to accountability
  • See it, own it, solve it, do it model
  • How to operate personally above the line and know when you are operating below it

Diversity and Inclusion in the Canadian Talent Mobility Landscape

Tricia Cochran, Crown World Mobility; Shannon MacDonald, Deloitte; Liz Muchura, TD Bank Group

Diversity and inclusion are viewed as drivers of business success by today’s forward thinking employers. This presentation will explore the importance of diversity and inclusion in the Canadian talent mobility landscape. By sharing the TD Bank experience, participants will gain a deeper understanding of:

  • What is diversity and inclusion
  • Why is it important and the connection to talent mobility in the Canadian landscape
  • How diversity and inclusion have evolved over the years
  • What lies in store for the future

Moving Millennials: Best Practices for Deploying Your Company’s Future Leaders

Katherine Bouchard and Jennifer Connell, Weichert Workforce Mobility 

 Millennials are fast becoming one of the largest yet most confounding demographics within the mobile workforce. Weaned on technology and instant gratification, they are making today’s companies rethink relocation in ways they may never have before. In this eye-opening presentation, learn best practice strategies for engaging, managing and relocating this critical demographic. You’ll also discover the assignments, benefits and career opportunities that truly motivate them and build loyalty. Attend this session and optimize the deployment and management of tomorrow’s workforce.

 2:45- 3:30
Host Country Housing Best Practices: Aligning Client and Assignee Interests

David Gugliotta, Scotiabank; Roger Herod, Mercer; Laura Levenson, Weichert Workforce Mobility; Rita Hernandez, Premier Destination Services 

Finding suitable host country housing for expatriates is often a delicate balance between assignee, needs, employer budgets, host country regulations and local customs.  From this session, using real world examples and actionable data for variety of global locations, you’ll learn how to maximize your housing budget and meet assignee needs including:
  • The crafting of host country housing assistance policy
  • How to effectively partner with destination service providers
  • Data gathering, interpretation and application for local markets to determine budgets
  • Common missteps you can avoid

Data, Dialogue, Decisions! 

Lisa Hulet, SIRVA Relocation; Linda Ward O’Farrell, Ward O'Farrell Consultants 

Having the right supplier is critical to the success of a corporate relocation program. Suppliers become partners, ensuring employees are transferred efficiently, with minimal disruption. The use of RFPs to select the right partners is on the rise, and it pays to get it right. In this session corporate participants will be able to benchmark their current RFP processes, and service providers will learn what is involved when clients issue an RFP.  Learn more about:


  • Best RFP practices and fundamentals
  • Key criteria used in successful RFP's
  • Asking the right questions
  • Measuring success       

Relocation and Remote Locations

Sandra Cairns, Dwellworks; Gail Reinhart, TheMIGroup

Many companies relocate employees to “remote” locations in Canada that have limited community resources, lack of appropriate housing and delivery of services. This session will identify the unique challenges of moving to remote locations while offering innovative, cost effective alternatives to better assist transferees and their families. Learn more about:

  • Key issues that cause the highest level of stress and difficulty
  • Program delivery within a remote location with limited community resources
  • Alternative, inclusive community based supports to ensure a successful relocation
3:45 - 5:00
Seven Humour Habits for Workplace Wellness (No Presentation Available)

Paul Huschilt

Join Paul Huschilt, an accomplished speaker and storyteller in this hilarious keynote which teaches wellness, celebrates accomplishments, and provides seven simple tactics for you to unleash back at the office and in your personal life. Seven Humour Habits uses laughter, interaction, personal reflection and creativity to inspire you to be well, work together and tackle those stressful days. You’ll learn strategies to focus on your business goals, stay balanced in a sometimes unbalanced world, and adapt to changes taking place within your organization and in the world around you. 


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