2019 Keynote Speaker
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Cheryl Cran

a personal conference invitation from Cheryl Cran. 

The Future of Work Is Now! Time to Move from Tactical to Strategic 

Monday, September 16

8:30 – 9:30

How can leaders and teams be more strategic and adapt to today’s realities of rapid change and business disruption that’s demanding new skills and creative talent? Employee engagement, creating future leaders through mobility solutions are key strategies for attracting and retaining top talent. 

Cheryl Cran is a future of work and change leadership expert who works with leaders and teams globally to help them gain competitive edge and increase results by ‘upgrading their leadership OS’ and helping leaders to be more innovative and creative.

This keynote will provide researched global business insights, thought provoking, creative, leading edge ideas and strategies on how leaders can leverage mobility solutions as a strategic driver to the talent process. 

To Learn more about Cheryl, visit her website.

Read about Cheryl's books, including her new book NextMapping™




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