CERC Statement on Anti-Racism and Discrimination

June 19, 2020

Events over the past several weeks in Canada, the US, and around the world have given us all cause to pause and reflect on how we treat each other in our communities and places of employment. We have witnessed an outpouring of support for those who have had the courage to make their voices heard and their grievances known.

Since its founding, the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) has strived to promote the benefits of diversity and inclusion in our workplaces, through our publications, workshops, and conference events. We have profiled key industry leaders and speakers that have shared the importance of cultural change in the workplace. We have also worked with members to develop global mobility policies that accommodate the realities of a modern society.

We are committed to continuing our work, and to doing our part to support those who speak out against injustice and inequality. We will continue to provide professional development to our members that reflects the needs of the workforce today and of the future.  We will ensure that our governance structure is representative of the CERC membership and that our administrative policies are fair and equitable to all members.

Through this message we add our voice to those who have the courage to speak out. Racism and discrimination of any type have no place in our society, not today, not ever.
On behalf of the board of directors and members of CERC.



Ann Stafford
Chair, CERC Board of Directors 
       Stephen Cryne 
      President & CEO, CERC

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