CERP Frequently Asked Questions
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Professional Development Program

Q. If my company is not a CERC member can I earn my designation?
A. Level I is open to everyone. Only members in good standing are eligible to take Level II and III of the designation program.

Q. Does my employer hold the CERP™ designation?
A. No you hold the designation.  But to be eligible, your employer must be a member of CERC and you must be either a full, associate, or personal member, and you must maintain your designation.

Q. What happens to my designation if I change employers?
A. If you change employers, you must notify CERC. If you are registered in Level II or III and/ or have obtained your CERP™ SCERPTM or CGMP designation, you must be a member of CERC.

Rights of Graduates
Q. Can I indicate in promotional material, business cards and advertisements that I have successfully earned the CERC Relocation Specialist™ CERP™ or CGMP Designation?
A. Yes. Graduates of Level I can use the full title CERC Relocation Specialist™ on any such material. Graduates of Level II can use either the full Canadian Employee Relocation Professional™ title or the abbreviation CERP™ on any such material. Graduates of Level III can use either the full Canadian Global Mobility Professional title or the abbreviation CGMP. Please note that graduates of Level I are not CERPs, but are CERC Relocation Specialists.  For further information on designation usage, please 
click here.

Q. Do I need to use the ™ symbol when I use the titles?
A. No, the titles and abbreviations are trademarked but there is no requirement for you to indicate that in your business materials.

Q. How many exams will I have to write?
A. There is an exam at the end of each level. There is no overall final exam.

Q. What if I don't pass a course?
A. If a passing grade is not achieved, you are subject to Centennial's protocol on such situations. Please contact 
Centennial College for further options.

Q. What happens if my CERC Relocation Specialist™ re-certification period expires?
A. If it expires, you can only retain your designation after successfully re-taking the Level I course and examination.

Q. What happens if my CERP™ or CGMP re-certification period expires?
A. If the re-certification period expires, you can only retain your designation after successfully re-taking all three levels of the program. You will also need to be a CERC member in good standing.

Q. Are my re-certification credits automatically recorded by CERC?
A. No, it is up to each individual to maintain a log of their own credits earned within each 3 year period.
Please refer to 
Re-certification Criteria for the requirements.


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