CERP Level II – Essentials of Domestic Relocation
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Designation: CERPTM (Canadian Employee Relocation Professional)

14 week online program

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Building on the foundation of Introduction to Relocation, this level provides the relocation professional with a greater depth of knowledge, understanding and ability in domestic relocation. Successful completion of Level I is a prerequisite for Level II.

Participants will enhance their knowledge and understanding of the many variables that come together to formulate an effective domestic relocation policy. They will acquire the knowledge, ability and tools to expertly design and deliver a domestic relocation program. Also, participants will gain an appreciation of the transferee's perspective that is essential to the management of human dynamics in domestic relocation. The process and the practical applications learned in this program can be applied to any number of work projects that are not relocation related.

Upon successful completion of Levels I and II, you will receive the Canadian Employee Relocation Professional (CERP™) designation. CERC membership is required to maintain your designation. Continuing education credits are required to maintain certification every three years.

Jane Doe, CERPTM
Jane Doe
Canadian Employee Relocation Professional

Transferrable skills and knowledge gained through Level II include:

  • How to utilize solid methodology to help research and develop effective policies
  • Conduct an environmental assessment 
  • Establish policy objectives using the “SMART” approach… specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely 
  • Identify best delivery mechanisms, selection of suppliers and administrative procedures
  • Promote and communicate the policy to stakeholders
  • Effectively communicate using the best medium for specific audiences
  • Conduct a cost benefit analysis for building business cases
  • Develop proper process flowcharts

Participants leave with a solid understanding of relocation practices in Canada. Essentials of Domestic Relocation is a pre-requisite for Level III - Essentials of International Relocation and the Canadian Global Mobility Professional designation.

Starts:   September, January, May (semester system)
Duration: 14 weeks
Final Exams:   At the end of each semester
Course Fee: $495

(above fees do not include tax)

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