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CERC has been working to improve processes for economic immigration, temporary foreign workers and intra-company transfers for several years. Since 2012 CERC has been playing a lead role with several industry groups and business associations in raising concerns about changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and proposed changes to the rules for intra-company transfers. CERC meets regularly with the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and government officials who are responsible for these programs to discuss our concerns and offer constructive suggestions for improvement.



November 2019: CERC congratulates Minister Mendicino on recent re-election to Parliament and appointment as Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.



March 2018: CERC Responds to ESDC’s Proposed Updates to the Global Talent Stream 




July 2017: Letter to The Right Honourable Justin P.J. Trudeau congratulating the government's open approach to global trade, particularly economic migration. 


June 2017: CERC Submission to Office of the United States Trade Representative Request for Comments on Negotiating Objectives Regarding Modernization of the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico (Docket Number: USTR-2017-0006)



April 2017: Letter to The Honourable Navdeep Bains Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Re:Global Skills Strategy


January 2017: Comments Regarding the Government of Canada’s Proposed Global Skills Strategy & Short‐Term Work Permit


January 2017: Letter to The Honourable Neavdeep Singh Bains, and The Honourable John McCallum expressing
our strong support of the Government announcement regarding the development of a Global Skills Strategy 



August 2016:Refocusing Express Entry July 26 2016 Stakeholder Consultations


August 2016: CERC Submission to Online Immigration Consultations


June 2016: Letter to Bryan May;Chair,Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities CERC Submission letter to HUMA


June 2016: CERC submission to the HUMA Standing Committee on TFWP


March 2016: Letter to The Honourable John McCallum, P.C. M.P. Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship - regarding a recent announcement to ease the pathway to permanent residency for foreign students


March 2016:Letter to The Honourable John McCallum, P.C. M.P. Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship - regarding challenges employers encounter with Canada’s Immigration programs


March 2016: Letter to The Honourable John McCallum, P.C. M.P. Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship - regarding 2015 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration



Information on Temporary Foreign Workers 


General information


Employer compliance


Voluntary disclosure


Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement





For employer conditions, see subsections 209.3(1) and 209.4.

For possible justifications, see subsections 209.3(3), 203(1.1), 

May 2016 Immigration Symposium:

IRCC Responses to Employer Questions Toronto

IRCC Responses to Employer Questions Calgary


Presentations from Immigration Symposium:


Presentation: The Business Case for Implementing an Immigration Compliance Program Office(r)


Presentation: Green and Speigel - Updated guidelines for compliance, inspections and AMPs


Presentation IRCC: Temporary Foreign Worker Program and International Mobility Program Inspections: New Consequences for Non-Compliance


Presentation: Employer Compliance Regime International Mobility Programs

Presentation: Immigration Symposium Randy Hann


Presentation: KPMG - Refocusing Canada’s Economic Immigration Programs

December 2015:

Presentations from Immigration Symposium

International Mobility Program / Temporary Foreign Worker Program - Compliance regime

The Cost of Non-Compliance: Administrative Monetary Penalties 


CERC Immigration survey Findings


Temporary Foreign Worker Program  and International Mobility Program Inspections: New Consequences for 



CERC Survey: Canada’s Economic Immigration Programs

CERC: Recommendations to Improve Canada’s Economic Immigration System 


April 2015:CERC response to Bill 49 An Act with Respect to immigration to Ontario: Read Bill 49 - Ontario Immigration Act 2015

February 2015: International Mobility Program  - new fees CIC Slide deck

February 2015: CERC letter to Minister Alexander  - changes to IMP 




December 2014: CERC letter outlining concerns over new Express Entry

December 2014:Express Entry Immigration program: Ministerial Instructions

November 2014: CERC Response to Citizenship and Immigration Canada –

Consultations on a Business Skills Pilot Program 


October 2014:  CERC Response to ESDC proposals for new compliance regulations under the TFW and IM programs

Letter to Minister Kenney regarding solutions to growing skills gap in Canada’s labour market.

Canadian Employee Relocation Council Response to Employment and Social Development Canada discussion paper

July 2014: CERC Webinar Q&A: New Realities for Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers

May 2014: 
CERC Proposes Certified Employer Program for High Skilled Stream of TFWS: CERC Letter to Minister Kenney
Proposed General Principles for the Operation of a Certified Employer Program

January 2014: CERC letter regarding proposed changes to the rules governing intra-company transfers (ICTs) into Canada



November 2013: CERC letter regarding proposed changes to the rules governing intra-company transfers (ICTs) into Canada

September 2013: Business coalition letter to Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, regarding changes to the rules governing intra-company transfers (ICTs) into Canada


August 2013: CERC detailed response to the proposed changes to intra-company transfer rules as proposed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Intra Company Transferees Backgrounder 
Response to ICT Proposal


May 2013: CERC and Canadian Manufacturers Exporters, (CME) joint letter regarding changes to Canada’s Temporary Foreign Program


May 2013: Letter to Minister Finley regarding changes to Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program 



September 2012: This paper provides the context for work currently underway to build an Expression of Interest (EOI) approach to managing applications for immigration to Canada. It also identifies key issues and questions for business leaders on EOI development and implementation. Read More


August 2012: Consultation on Immigration Levels and Mix – CERC provided written comments in response to Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) invitation regarding the number and the mix of immigrants to be admitted into Canada. This submission was in addition to our comments and suggestions during the Roundtable on Immigration conducted by CIC in August 2012. Read More

April 2012: Steps to Improve Canadians Economic Immigration Program

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