CSPN Speakers: Enhancing Customer Experience (CX) in Mobility

  David Singh

David Singh is a Partner with CSPN and an experience-driven executive who has built and scaled client-facing teams and operations in a range of Fortune 500 and mid-market companies. David has served as a corporate and organizational strategy consultant where he helped clients navigate the financial and human capital impacts of mergers and acquisitions. David is passionate about helping leaders and organizations simplify their strategy to ensure alignment between internal and external stakeholders and ultimately drive traction towards happy clients and team-members.
  Shawn Ashley

Shawn Ashley is an MBA and Lean Six Sigma accredited, international leader in management consulting with a strong passion and focus on Customer Experience (“CX”) and Human-Centered Design.

He has over 10 years of exposure, partnering with a diverse mix of organizations to achieve strategic business objectives.  Now as the Manager, CX Strategy & Operations at CSPN, Shawn’s priorities extend both to the design and growth of the internal Consulting Services line of business as well as the leading of teams in the external delivery of advisory services to clients.  Having worked across various business landscapes, helping founders of small businesses to CEO’s of global brands with bringing their visions & strategies to life, Shawn specializes in marrying the emotionally driven experiences impacting customer behaviour with the operationally driven infrastructure supporting the delivery of memorable interactions.

Through navigating the “unknown”, supporting organizations in achieving future-forward goals not yet defined, Shawn has found success by winning with the truth and connecting the dots between experience design and business performance.



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