International Service Members
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International Service Membership

This level of membership is restricted to companies that provide relocation services to other organizations and are based outside of North America.

Membership is available at two levels:

International Membership - is the primary membership for the organization. International Members have access to most CERC services,  This membership level may not vote on resolutions at the CERC Annual General Meeting and may not stand for election as directors of the organization. There is no limit on the number of International members from any one organization. International Service members may not attend in-person events unless they become full service members. Regular membership fees will apply for all events. 

Associate International Membership -

If your organization already has one full International member with CERC, additional employees may join as associate members Associate International Members have access to all CERC services.. There is no limit on the number of associate corporate members from any one organization.


Benefits of Membership - Access to a range of products and services

  • CERC webinars
  • Subscription to Perspectives magazine and E-news
  • Access to member section of CERC website
  • Insertion in the CERC buyers guide at CERC member rates; 
  • Enrollment in PD programs at CERC member rates, member updates and information circulars
    Inclusion in the CERC roster

Join Now!

CERC International Membership:  $250.00


CERC International Associate Membership: $200.00

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