Industry Surveys
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CERC conducts regular surveys for the exclusive use of its members. Learn more about how CERC's Industry Survey Services can assist your organization to benchmark relocation policy or track important industry trends.

2020 Surveys 

March 2020 - The Ongoing Impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Corporate Travel and Employee Relocations: Survey II

March 2020 - The Impact of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) on Corporate Travel and Employee Relocations


2019 Surveys 

November 2019 - Cross Border Mobility Survey: Results of the Employer Survey on Implications of the Change to L1-B Visa Extension Petitions Results

October 2019 - CERC and Seneca College Global Mobility Compliance Framework

August 2019 - 2019 Employee Relocation Policy Survey

February 2019 - Survey of Corporate Practices in the Duty of Care Policies and Programs  

2018 Surveys

June 2018 - Interprovincial Mobility Survey

April 2018 - Survey of Immigration and Mobility Program Management 

February 2018 - Survey of Corporate Policy Covering the Reimbursement of Costs Relating Permanent Resident Applications

2017 Surveys  

October 2017 - 2017 Employee Relocation Policy Survey

August 2017 - Cross Border Mobility Survey

June 2017 - Business Mechanism Report to the Global Forum on Migration and Development  - Toward a Global Compact on Migration 

June 2017 - CERC/IPSOS Employee Mobility Survey


2016 Surveys

 October 2016 - EuRA and CERC release ground-breaking research report on future trends in workforce mobility

September 2016 - Canadian Employee Relocation Council Survey of Temporary Housing Practices

August 2016 - Canadian Employee Relocation Council Changes in International Assignments Between 2009 and 2015

May 2016 - Survey of Relocation Repayment Agreement Practices

March 2016 - Highlights from the 2016 Membership Survey

March 2016 - Survey of Corporate Per Diem Rates and Miscellaneous Allowances

January 2016 - Survey of Corporate Reimbursement Rates for Personal Vehicles when used for Business Travel

2015 Surveys

January 2015 - Highlights from the CERC Membership Survey


2014 Surveys

July 2014 - Survey of Corporate Practices for the Movement of Household Goods

January 2014 - CERC Survey Intra-Company Transfers


2013 Surveys

December 2013: CERC Survey: Temporary Foreign Worker Program

December 2013  CERC & Council for Global Immigration Cross Border Mobility Survey: Service Level Survey

November 2013 - CERC Cross Border Mobility Survey: Trusted Employer Program

November 2013 - CERC  Survey: Intra- Company Transfers
January 2013 - Reimbursement Rates for use of Personal Vehicles Survey Results

2012 Surveys

September 2012 - Cross Border Payroll and Benefits Survey Results

July 2012 - Cross Border Survey

February 2012 - CERC Immigration Survey Report

February 2012 - CERC Relocation Trends and Volumes

January 2012 - Accommodation and Transportation Allowances for Inbound Transfers Survey Results

CERC Global Mobility Survey 

Read the Executive Summary

The 2012 Global Mobility Survey conducted in partnership with Ipsos Global Public Affairs, reports on the attitudes of 12,827 working men and women in 24 countries towards international relocation for employment purposes.

Purchase the Report for $695. +GST each.


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