International Trade
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Canada is engaged in several free trade agreement negotiations with its trading partners. Those agreements include provisions for labour mobility. CERC has been offering support and input to Canadian negotiators to ensure we have mobility provisions that are of benefit to the Canadian economy. Below are highlights from some of our recent activities


Trans-Pacific Partnership


In September 2013 CERC led a coalition of business groups in Canada and the U.S. in writing to trade Minister Ed Fast and U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Michael Froman, calling for a contemporary framework for developing the labour mobility provisions of the TPP between Canada and the U.S.: Read More

CERC consulted with members about the principles for mobility provisions in international trade agreements, which were submitted to the Canadian government.

Canadian Government Trans-Pacific Partnership consultations


Industry Questionnaire on a Canada-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (CJEPA) - March 2013 

CERC has also given input to the ongoing negotiations between the government of Canada and the European Union for a Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) between the two regions. View CERC’s discussion paper.

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