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Government Relations

Government relations is an important service to our members. CERC has built a strong and effective voice with the federal and provincial governments. We strive to provide constructive and practical solutions to the challenges of workforce mobility that will benefit our members and improve Canada’s economy. 

Attracting internationally trained workers is central to the continued success of Canada’s economy. Even though unemployment remains high, skills gaps exist within the Canadian economy.  As the workforce ages, acute shortages are expected in key industries such as health care, education, skilled trades and the professions. Immigration is, and will continue to be, an important source of replacement human capital in the Canadian economy.

Below are highlights of recent activities to improve employee mobility.

Beyond the Border Action Plan (New Page)

Canadian Immigration (New Page)

CERC has been working to improve processes for economic immigration, temporary foreign workers and intra-company transfers for several years. Since 2012 CERC has been playing a lead role with several industry groups and business associations in raising concerns about changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and proposed changes to the rules for intra-company transfers. CERC meets regularly with the Minister of Immigration and government officials who are responsible for these programs to discuss our concerns and offer constructive suggestions for improvement.

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