Professional Development Program
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Professional Development Program

CERC has a commitment to provide members with opportunities to advance their careers through continuing education about the relocation industry.

Offered in partnership with Centennial College, CERC’s professional development program is your ticket to success in the relocation industry. There are three programs available, each with its own designation:




Level I

Introduction to Relocation 

CERC Relocation SpecialistTM

Level II

Essentials of Domestic Relocation  

CERPTM (Canadian Employee Relocation Professional)

Level III

Essentials of International Relocation

CGMP (Canadian Global Mobility Professional)


 The programs are available on a web based learning platform, with instructors offering guidance and assistance. In order to progress through all three levels of the program, each level must be successfully completed before proceeding on. Levels II and III are available to CERC members only.

Upon successful achievement of each designation Centennial College also awards a certificate of completion.

Please register at least one week in advance of the course start date. 

If you have questions regarding registration, course results, receipts etc. please contact Centennial College Distance Education at : 416.289.5000 x 2350. 
Contact Personnel: Stephen Danso 


2018 Session Dates

Program Semester Starts

Semester Ends

     Winter Semester

January 16, 2018

Last day to register  January 30, 2018

     Summer Semester

May 15, 2018

Last day to register May 29, 2018

      Fall Semester

September 18, 2018

Last day to register October 2, 2018



April 24, 2018



August 21, 2018



December 2018


The Program will give you:

• a solid methodology to help you research and develop effective policies
• an inside look at relocation policies to help you better manage your company's relocation program and costs
• a framework for creating cost/ benefit reports to create policy business cases
• a better understanding of taxable and non-taxable relocation benefits
• more insight into the human dynamics of the employees you are relocating
• essential skills to manage domestic and international assignments

For Human Resources Professionals – this program will help you to develop relocation policies that ensure your organization is competitive and assist you in the effective management of your mobility programs.

For Relocation Professionals – you know relocation is a complex process. Transferring employees depend on the help of professionals to provide services and guidance. Demonstrate your commitment to this process by earning all three designations.

Each course within the program is offered online, and falls within a semester system. Instructors are on-hand to assist students with assignments and case work. You may register online at any time. Courses start the first week of January, second week of May, and first week of September. No minimum relocation work experience is required for participation in the program.

Get the professional recognition you deserve!

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