About the Subject Matter Expert (SME) Program for CERC Members
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The SME program, exclusive to CERC members, establishes a body of experts with deep industry knowledge and experience.  Members may seek general, peer-to-peer assistance from SMEs who participate in the program. The SME program is not intended to replace fee for service arrangements.

The CERC board of directors has appointed a SME program Steering Committee, which is responsible for the establishment, ongoing management and evaluation of the SME program, including the appointment of SMEs. Read more about the program’s operating policies and guidelines and the appointment of the SME Steering Committee

How to Participate

The SME program operates on our secure, members only, electronic platform – SocialLink – within the CERC website. 

  • To access SocialLink, sign in from the CERC Home Page and enter your Username and Password.
  • To join a SME Group, first select the Groups tab from the Navigation section at the top of the SocialLink page:

    • Choose the Group that interests you, under “Suggested Groups”.
    • After you select the Group you wish to join, click [Request membership] to gain access.
    • You will receive notification when granted access [along with a disclaimer that must be signed in order to participate in the program].

If you have any difficulty accessing the SME groups or have questions about SocialLink, please contact us at info@cerc.ca

For those wishing to become a SME, please complete the online application form. Please note that a current resumé must accompany the application. All applications will be reviewed by the Steering Committee, and confirmation provided within 30 days of the application.

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