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Diversity and Inclusiveness in Global Mobility


Presenters: Dario Kosarac, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board; Laura Levenson, Weichert Workforce Mobility; Holly MacFarlane, Chevron; Naficy D'Angelo, Cultural Awareness International


About This Session:

Diversity and inclusiveness policies are key selling points in attracting talent. They are equally important, and often overlooked, when deploying talent. Research confirms that family related issues are one of the leading causes of assignment failure. This session will explore all aspects of the modern mobile family – from same sex couples to non-married partners, and families whose members have cognitive and/or physical disabilities.

Panelists will share their experiences with recruitment and retention of assignees; embracing inclusiveness and; how obstacles have been satisfactorily addressed.


Learn more about:

       Creating global assignment policies that foster diversity and inclusiveness

       Addressing the challenges of assignees and/or accompanying family members with cognitive and/or physical disabilities

       Supporting LGBTs in the globally mobile workforce





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