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“I must say – CERC’s surveys are fabulous. Best one [The Impact of the Corona Virus on Corporate Travel and Employee Relocations] I have received to date.”

Manager, Global Mobility
Human Resources I Global investment management organization

"Being a CERC member, I appreciate the: Networking staying connected with others in the  industry; Professional Development/Education staying current with industry rules, processes,and teachings; Surveys/Research staying aware of trends, benchmarking and best practices."

Ann Stafford
Regional Vice President I Weichert Workforce Mobility


"A benefit of CERC to me: Is the comradery of the industry and the opportunity for personal and professional development!"

Charlotte Christophersen
Director, Clients Services I BGRS


"For me, CERC has benefited me both professionally and personally. I know my career in relocation has been greatly benefited by my active participation in CERC."

David Fennell
CERC Relocation Specialist
Vice President of Business Development I Weichert Workforce Mobility


"CERC has provided me with an opportunity to a have a deeper understanding of relocation. It has made me more aware of the pain points experienced by my customers and how I can best serve them."

Fred Haladay
Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer I Atlas Canada


“Membership in CERC had been invaluable throughout my career. Being able to access current and emerging mobility trends easily through their comprehensive bi-annual Industry survey, regular webinars and industry events, supports our benchmarking and best practices analysis. Both personally and professionally, CERC has enhanced my relationships with industry colleagues and has allowed me to strengthen my understanding and remain current in the ever changing mobility landscape.”

Rob Stone, CRP, CGMP
Vice President, Client Services I Weichert Workforce Mobility


"Getting involved with CERC is one of the best things I have done in my 15 year career in the mobility industry. The knowledge, the connections, the insights and quite honestly, the lifelong friendships…have far exceeded what I would have expected when I initially joined. The CERC community is very welcoming with a broad representation of expertise. If you are in the mobility space, and not currently a CERC member, get signed-up now…you will be happy you did!"

Roy Phelps 
Chief Commercial Officer I QMM Inc.


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