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About CERC

The Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) is a membership organization whose goal is to provide leadership, services and assistance to members enabling them to effectively serve relocated families by addressing issues that impact workforce mobility both domestically and internationally. CERC has a clearly defined vision of the future and is guided by an important set of values.

Founded on October 22, 1982 the Council has over 500 members from across Canada, the United States and internationally. Through our programs, publications and services, CERC helps members increase their expertise in the field of workforce mobility and provides a forum for corporations and service organizations to effectively communicate and provide a more efficient and cost effective relocation.

CERC was incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act in 1982. CERC operates its activities in accordance with the By-Laws of the Corporation.


CERC Facts

The relocation industry directly contributes over $2.5 billion to Canada’s economy, and employs thousands of people across many diverse industry groups.

CERC membership represents organizations and government departments that transact almost half of the more than 130,000 employer sponsored relocation's in Canada each year, at a value of more than $2 billion.


CERC membership includes many of Canada’s industry leaders, as listed in the 2019 Financial post Top 500 Report:

CERC represents the relocation issues facing these industry leaders that collectively generate over $600 billion in annual revenues. Their success will continually depend on how effectively they can acquire and deploy talent; CERC is committed to helping them meet that challenge.

Labour shortages, relocation issues and talent concerns impact virtually every occupation group and industry. That’s why industry leaders turn to CERC as a trusted source of information, research and education, and a voice that represents their concerns before government.

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Welcome to the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) , the leading provider of information, research and expertise on workforce mobility and employee relocation. CERC is Canada's only organization devoted to advancing the interests and issues for workforce mobility.

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