CERP Level III – Essentials of International Relocation
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Designation: CGMPTM (Canadian Global Mobility Professional) 

14 week online program

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Establishing policy and administering international assignments and relocations is complex as the practices and laws of different countries must be taken into consideration. Level III provides the relocation professional with the knowledge and ability to meet this challenge. Successful completion of Levels I and II is required for Level III. 

Participants will learn to develop international assignment and relocation policy in consideration of the interaction between the business, labour and taxation practices of the home and host countries. Participants will gain a strong understanding of international relocation policy development, including tax and immigration compliance, employee compensation and repatriation. They will acquire the knowledge, ability and tools to expertly respond to the special administrative, monitoring and reporting requirements of an international program. Participants will also broaden their appreciation of human dynamics to include those factors unique to the employee and family's adjustment to, and return from, an international location.

Upon successful completion of this level and examination, participants will receive the Canadian Global Mobility Professional (CGMP) designation. CERC membership is required to maintain your designation. Continuing education credits are required to maintain certification every three years.

Jane Doe, CGMPTM
Jane Doe
Canadian Global Mobility Professional


 Starts  September, January, May (semester system).
 Duration:   14 weeks
 Final Exams:   At the end of each semester

Course Fee: $495

(above fees do not include tax)


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