Centre of Excellence for Mobility Research
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Welcome to CERC's Centre of Excellence

CERC has a commitment to be the Centre of Excellence for research and knowledge transfer on workforce mobility. The research projects and background papers of the committee can be accessed by logging in.

Industry Surveys

CERC conducts regular surveys for the exclusive use of its members. Learn more about how CERC's Industry Survey Services can assist your organization to benchmark relocation policy or track important industry trends. 

If you have a suggestion for a research project, we welcome your email. Need a particular area researched? CERC can tailor-make surveys at a great rate. For further information on working with CERC in survey development, please contact the CERC office or email us your request.

Industry Surveys

Tools and Guides

CERC has compiled a comprehensive glossary of relocation-related terms, Appraisal Forms and RFP Guides for members.

Tools & Guides

Policy Library

The CERC Policy Library is one of the most requested CERC services. Benchmark your relocation policies ONLINE against those of others in your industry from some of Canada's largest corporations. Access to the CERC Online Policy Library is restricted to CERC Corporate members only.

Policy Library

Welcome to the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) , the leading provider of information, research and expertise on workforce mobility and employee relocation. CERC is Canada's only organization devoted to advancing the interests and issues for workforce mobility.

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