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The workplace of 2030: Be future-ready

Presenters: Nikolas Badminton

About This Session: The world is evolving at warp speed, and for Canada to compete globally its companies need to have a multi-skilled and diverse workforce. Business leaders also need to have their fingers on the pulse of change. Nikolas will explore the scope of disruption taking place in our workplaces and how that disruption is driving the need for access to key skills.

  •  How the world is evolving with the rise of exponential technologies and new business models (on-demand labour, sharing economy, cross-border collaboration)
  •  Trends and dynamics in the global talent and job market
  •   The changing employment landscape
  •   Changes in the demand for skills as Canada evolves and the impact across all major industry sectors
  •  Tools and methods that help partners to ideate, collaborate, and do business more effectively


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